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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 12, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. our top stories in just a second. first a check on the weather. it is getting nice out. >> it is. the sun is making all the difference in the world. that and the fact it is not very windy. it was nice at sunrise yesterday. gusts at 30 miles per hour. it made it feel like it was 40 degrees all day long. speaking of temperatures, we have been all over the place here in the past week and a half. it looks like we'll continue that trend. here's a graph showing where temperatures were last week on the 8th. temperature 71 degrees. by the 11th, it was only down to around 50. these were the highs at the airport. now we're on the upswing here. it looks like we'll spend several days climbing up through the 60's before the next storm introduces some more cold air about the middle of the coming week. so the see-saw continues temperature-wise. we'll talk about lots of sun regardless of the see-saw coming
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up in just a minute. >> new this morning, more people shot and killed at the arund he will mills mall. this according to anne arundel county police. police not releasing much information about the incident but they are looking for a dark silver hybrid type s.u.v. last seen in the area. if you have information, you are asked to call police. >> our big story this morning, police look for clues in a nine-month-old murder investigation. >> anthony trent was a person who went by the name of tyra. more on this murder. >> no matter how this young man lived, he did not deserve to be as identificationated and left -- affixated and left in an abandoned building. >> the body of tyra banks was found in an abandoned building. >> they thought it was a body of
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a head laying at the bottom of the bafmente steps. >> we don't believe the victim was killed at this location. we believe he was brought there. >> it has been nine months since tyra was killed and police still have no information on the case. >> tyra was just like any other fun-loving 20-year-old person. she wanted to see her community progress. >> her friend sandy hopes there will be awareness to the transgender community. >> we want people to understand we are victims of violence. >> his mom described him as the life of the household. the holidays are coming up, and her son is gone. >> i don't care what they want to be, they are still somebody's child. we are all god's children. >> it doesn't matter how someone took her life.
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we want to find the person who did it. we want them to come to justice. >> sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> if you have any information on tyra's murder, you are asked to call city homicide at 410-396-2100. >> there is a push to better protect students who are bullied because of their sexual orientation. students organized this synposium to better deal with that issue. what made this anti-bullying event so unusual is it focused on people bullied due to sexuality. gay, lesbian, and transgender students experience higher levels of bullying and incidence of suicide according to studies. >> what needs to be done is more insight than oversight. just having cameras posted isn't enough. children have to realize that the targets and the bullies have more in common than they think. >> both legal and educational experts participated in the synposium. by the way, maryland does have an anti-bullying law on its
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books. it is aimed to protect students regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. >> are goodwill stores in baltimore being tarringed? we'll have more on that in a moment. first the i-team's david collins has reaction to yesterday morning's robbery at a goodwill in towson. >> a baltimore county helicopter assisted in the search. close to a dozen patrol officers secure the crime scene perimeter. an armed robber had just sfruck a place that many people least expected. >> why would they rob the good will? >> this goodwill store on the 1700 block of joppa road. the store had to temporarily close. customers learning what happened were stunned. >> why would you rob a goodwill? it makes no sense. >> its robber didn't announce his intention. it happened quietly at 11:45 a.m. the suspect, armed with a gun,
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moved around at will inside a store with an estimated 15 to 20 customers. by several accounts, only one person noticed. a store employee who had a gun shoved in her back calmly taking instruction. >> i was in the store shopping. >> she didn't realize the place was robbed until she heard the victim describe the ordeal. >> i overheard the lady saying he had a gun in my back. he brought me from the back to the front of the store and made me open the cash register up, give him the money, and take him to the other cash register and give him the money. i said to myself, i wonder when that happened. the lady said, she made at announcement that nobody leave the store. i said nobody leave the store? she said yes. it just happened. and i said oh, my god. >> the armed robber mentioned the store safe. one of the shoppers said she noticed the robber wore a hood and a ski mask. she said whoever was responsible
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was quiet and left the store unnoticed. >> it is unbelievable he was able to do that in the store in broad daylight in the middle of the day. that's a little unsettling. >> david colyibsins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> well, at the goodwill store in timonium, police say the robber didn't get away with anything, but we're told a medic was called to the store to treat an employee for minor injuries. if you have have information, you are asked to call baltimore county police. >> baltimore county's greg bernstein will be here tomorrow on "sunday questions." e-mail your questions to >> days after winning her first full term as baltimore mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake announced she wants to increase the city's bottle tax. the mayor is calling for a 3 cent hike. she assures the increase will go
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toward funding school construction. >> we're looking for creative ways to put more money in school construction. you look at some of the schools around the city and you know our kids deserve more. >> one person said "mocking our industry like that is an abuse of power. " >> school administrators don't yet know how much money is needed for construction. one study put that at $2.8 million. the bottle tax general rated $4 million in its first year. >> still ahead, dr. hammond is here getting our blood pressure up with a snake. >> ok. and some shopping scams even for crime artists. targeting military personnel so
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those that protect so many can protect themselves. >> temperatures up a little bit. good forecast just ahead.
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>> well, this morning, plenty of sun in the area. we have had scattered clouds in the area. quiet morning. the winds have died down. there are scattered clouds here and there kind of related to what turned out to be yesterday lake effect precipitation. a little bit of snow, a little bit of rain. nothing significant up in pennsylvania and new york state. most of that has quieted down a bit. the winds are shifted a bit. we are seeing a slightly different affect here. a clean sweep on the radar. nothing going on at all. let's take a view this morning. this is one of the state traffic cameras. even though we are past our prime or fall colors, it is still evident here.
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a pretty picture along 83 up near shawan road. 42 at the inner harbor. humidity at 55%. that number will continue to draw a dry atmosphere as the atmosphere heats up. we will get down around 30%. 30.15 the barometer rising. we have a southwest wind at 9 miles per hour. not as blustery as yesterday, and it is not coming out of the northwest. that means temperatures bump up. already up to 46. at annapolis, camebridge, 50. on the boardwalk 43. at edgewood. parkton 43. frederick 36. it is already 41 at oakland. it is warming up nicely even out in western maryland. here are those clouds reaching down into our area. not significant, though. still a little lake-effect though up in upstate new york. some of that not lake effect. up in canada getting winds coming off the tip of lake
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ontario there. most stormy activity is off to our west in this area of high pressure centered off the carolina coast. key to our weather here today and tomorrow. we're on the west side of that now. it is a more south westerly wind and mild air coming up. wind out in the ohio and mississippi valley. storls farther west. additionally, when they move east, they will be deflected into the great lakes. that delays any rain chances for us. here you see wind on that southwest flow with the cold stuff either over new england or the upper midwest. our forecast today, 56 to 61 with mostly cun sunny skies in the seasonal range. southwest winds at 6 to 12 miles per hour. winds up to 20 knots on the southwest of the bay with a three-foot chop. futurecast shows the initial storm activity being deflected up into the great lakes, but eventually a strong coldfront develops out to the west of us and that rain will be moving in. a chance for it once we get past
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the weekend. 59 today, 62 sunday. both days dry. late monday into tuesday. most of the monday, it looks like it will be dry. we'll still be in the 60's going into the rain. coming out of the rain wednesday into the middle of the week, it cools down again. >> thanks, john. some hope for folks struggling to pay their mortgages. for the next four days, representatives will be athe baltimore convention center to offer help. >> all thanks to the neighborhood systems situation of america. this is called "save the dream "i tour. lowell melzer tells us about some 69 -- of the success stories. >> she and her husband reduced their mortgage payment by almost $1,000. her daw brought them to the save the dream tour event at the baltimore convention center friday. now the retired couple on a fixed income can stay in their home. >> now i'm happy because now they can live and breathe. so my dad can stop worrying now.
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>> i feel good about it. i saved money. we are 2%. it's beautiful. >> nakka was founded back in 1988 by bruce marks and he aimed his business at predator lending. now his business is helping thousands of home owners with seminars like this one at the baltimore convention center. >> it doesn't matter if they are current in the mortgage delinquent in foreclosure. even people who have lost their homes may be able to get their mortgages rescinded. >> the way the program works, trullingd oh, troubled home owners meet with a nakka counselor. they then go face-to-face with lenders to come up with a new policy. nakka makes money to bring the two policies together. >> every major lender. so at the events, we've been able to get about 55% of people leave the affordable solution, and over 80%, over 30 to 45
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days. >> we'll be bringing your payments from 33, down to $1, 26 and.50. >> we saw the process at work firsthand. a lot of nervous faces turned happy when their new loans were approved, like the ortiz family, almost saving almost a grand. >> it was kind of hard, because i was sacrificing a lot of expensive -- with my family. this rate ad justs that. >> lowell melzer, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and we will be at the baltimore convention center tuesday. we have provided more information on what you'll need to bring, and if you qualify on our website at >> coming up, a scam targeting military personnel and how to avoid them. the bbb is here with advice.
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>> and secrets that would have destroyed one of the nation's most powerful men. joined just ahead with her review. >> and dr. kim hammond is here to answer your pet questions. >> you can e-mail pet questions to
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>> in this morning's consumer alert, veterans have protected our country. yet they sometimes become the
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targets of scam artists. why are veterans in particular targets? >> first of all, you know so much about them. you know their pay day, you know their pay scale. you have so much information. so scam artists are able to target them. second, it is because traditionally, or at least in the past, the military got married younger. they were deployed and left behind young spouses who may not know about a lot of -- or haven't had a lot of experience, so it makes them easy prey. i'm going to start with a scam that started thursday, and this is a take-off on the spin on the grandparent scam where you call and say to the grandparents, i need you to wire money to help me. well, there was the same scam on thursday. the grand -- saying the grandson
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was deployed, on leave in bacelona, got aarrested for fishing. this scam artist knew they had a grandson in the military. >> that's scary and specific information. >> absolutely. it is specific because it is public information. we celebrate our armed forces where ever they are, and it is public information. they will call and want you to give all kinds of information for housing loans, car loans. what are some of the things to watch out for? what should be the triggers? >> it is the same for any population. when they are asking for the purposes of the veterans ad -- administration, they want you to confirm information, these military families need to not give it. you have to remember, they are not going to call and ask that ainformation. another big one is making things too good to be true, and that would be potentially alone, potentially a job. because you are a veteran, a government contractor wants to give you that. >> so what should people do
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then? >> it is so simple. protect your identity. don't give information. protect your finances. meaning, safe card your credit report, et cetera. companies and charities. charities also collect information and then the name of veterans. put a firewall, anti-virus all kinds of things on there. >> when in doubt, don't give any information over the phone. >> it is sad. >> thank you for joining us this morning. i appreciate it. if you would like more information, go to our web site at up next, we have answers to your pet questions. don't go away.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> we're here with dr. tim hammond and a beautiful python. >> you know, it is not a pet for everybody. you just kind of have to -- if -- >> if you have a small dog around the house, i don't know if that's a good idea. >> you talk about a food chain
9:25 am
nightmare. >> how old is this? >> six or seven years old. >> how long? >> 13 or 14 feet. >> you don't let this guy just roam around the house? >> yeah, you can. i mean, they bite. you have to be careful. they can get lost. they can get into heating ducts and things like that. you have to be careful. if you have a snake, you have to be a responsible snake owner. this is not a toy. this is real. >> and at this size, it can be dangerous. >> yeah, it is dangerous. it is getting a little ticked off right now. >> oh, good. >> lisa just said go touch him. >> why didn't -- he said -- >> these strangle their prey, right? >> yes. he is a beautiful animal. you can see how big he s
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>> like i say, a small dog would be in danger or a cat. lisa? cassandra posted on facebook, how do i get buddy not to -- >> a lot of people have pets and the pets don't get along with the baby. that can be truss. children under the age of 5 tend to get bitten in the face. over the age of 5, they get bitten in the leg. i would strongly suggest you not take it lightly and you see a trainer and have your dog evaluated. there are some drugs, like doggy prozac you can give these dogs. you need to seek professional help. if your dog -- i like mark katz
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for training aggressive dogs. >> amy asks, we have two grate danes. we feed them a holistic diet. we are finding it is hard to keep weight on them with the plan. do you have any suggestions? one, what is a holis thfment -- holistic diet? >> we don't know what they are feeding. perhaps they are not feeding the right diet. >> buddy, stay away from me. >> obviously he likes you. >> not too well. >> come on, he's a good guy. he can't really tell where to go. >> he's going the other way now. >> come on, lisa. come on. come on. [laughter] >> we have been having fun. dr. hammond --
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>> mitch. >> everybody steag behind the camera. >> we'll be back in just a minute.
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>> for the next several days it will be relatively dry. we will check the rest of the forecast coming up. we will checked news now. >> the search is on for the suspect who shot two men in charles village. officers were called to the area of 27th and broadway streets friday afternoon. one victim was found in the area. the other showed up at a hospital. both men had been shot multiple times, but police say their injuries are non-life-threat
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ying. right now police are searching for a suspect and a motive. >> police looking for an armed robber who held up an employee at the good deps will store in towson. it happened around lunchtime friday. no word on a suspect, motive, nor how much money was stolen. >> police say they have a suspect in custody who was caught stealing money from girl scouts in towson. they were selling girl scout cookies. investigators say it was a 15-year-old. they picked him up at the same shopping center days after the theft occurred. he has since been released to his parents. >> president obama commented on
9:32 am
the child sal abuse scandal. the president and mrs. owe bahama attend -- mrs. obama attended -- visited. they said it requires soul searching not just penn state. he said it is everyone's duty to address it when they see a child mistreated. >> i think it is a good time for everyone to do soul searching about what our priorities are and making sure we understand our first priority is protecting our kids. we all have a sfob. we can't leave it to a system or somebody else. we have to take it upon ourselves to make sure our kids have love, support, and protection. >> we'll
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>> let's give you a little graph here to show you where we've been and where we're going. we had rainy weather at the end of the week. yesterday was the coldest. on veterans day we had windy conditions. gusts into the 30's. it only made it to 50 for the high. here's the temperature off to the side. it only made it to 50. which was the low spot that we expect over the next few days. winds are swirling around now. today we'll -- we may fall short of 50.
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just keep climbing into early next week. we chi to 58. when you afternoon it out -- average it out, we will spend more time above than below the narmal temperature. humidity, well, it is really 55%. not 5%. it will be a dry day, but not that dry. 30.15 the barometer rising and a southwest wind at 9 miles per hour. let's take a look at current temperatures. annapolis is 46 degrees. east john same. elk ton for -- easton the same. 37 at frostburg. here we're just about cloud-free. a few puffy clouds over the northeast corner of the state. the most marginal weather, all
9:37 am
the blustery conditions we have had are up in northern new england. and this high pressure off the coast, the center of it is moving to our east now. still dry weather e still a bubble of dry air that will keep stormy weather away. also, the west side produces southwest winds. so the milder air is beginning to filter in. that will be the trend over the neck few days. because the high will still be nearby, it is getting over us, the west edge of it. storms to the west, at least initially, will be deflected to the great lakes. they won't progress to the east coast. you can see the southwest flow of air will produce higher temperatures in the ohio river valley. lows in texas were in the 50's. so this milder air at the -- air is beginning to drift in our direction.
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it will be very comfortable out. southwest winds at 6 to 12 miles per hour. 58 is a typical high. we're right on target. we look at our futurecast, and with that high pressure sitting over us, even though the next system gets close to us by monday as we pick up clouds, the first initial impulse off those systems will be deflected into the great lakes, and rain will be hanging to our west. as you get into tuesday, a cold front will be set up, stalled to our west. a lot more moisture getting into it. eventually it will come in and boost our rain chances. speaking of rain, the ravens chance -- rain chances, kind of wet. 49 to 53 the temperature range during the game. chilly. 59 today, 62 tomorrow here in town. dry conditions through the weekend. by late monday into tuesday, the rain chances go up. temperatures will be in the mid 60's for highs. once this system goes through, temperatures start to back off.
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we should be dry for the rest of next week. >> if you are one of the many that suffers with back pains, you may think a family history is to blame, but that's not true. the most common back pain complaint and what factors contribute to that is in this morning's owe women's doctor." >> carol began having pack pain 10 years ago. things got so bad that just going for a simple stroll became difficult. >> the pain was in my back, down my leg, and in my foot. sometimes i couldn't even walk with the left leg, especially. >> after a decade of suffering, cheryl came to mercy medical center to see dr. charles edward ii. the problem? >> because of the spine, the nerves will were being pinched. >> we can't change our genetics and if we have scoleyosis --
9:40 am
scholiosis, we can change huge factors such others smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise. >> dr. edwards said 10% to 15% of back pain is due to genetic predisposition, but a vast majority are related to lifestyle choices. what causes the discomfort? >> there are many causes of back pain, but the most common is the degeneration of the discs in the spine. the discs are the cushions, the shock absorbers in the bones and spine. >> you can see it clearly on this m.r.i. look at the difference between these two discs. >> this looks very painful. >> the doctor said the good news is, 90% improve with anti-inflammatory and lifestyle changes. cheryl did undergo surgery for her scholiosis. in doing so, she even got 2 inches taller. the best part? she can lift her baby
9:41 am
grandchild. >> i can get down with the children and play and just enjoy life again. >> donna hamilton, wbal-tv 11 news. >> dr. charles edwards joins us now with more information. thanks for coming in. let's talk about quha you would like to do. just because your family had the issue doesn't mean you have to. >> that's right. surgery is one option, but the best treatment is prevention. if we can keep your back healthy with keeping your weight down, exercising, avoiding smoking. >> you want to see people out there exercising? >> research shows the most effective exercise is cardio, arobic fitness, 30 minutes, three times a week. which not only helps to keep your weight down, but it helps to keep the blood flowing to your musculoskeletal system up. it gives you endorphins and
9:42 am
increases the likelihood of back pain flare-ups and decreases the likelihood of surgery. >> you don't want to sead to sfrest stress and bounding. >> yes. in jenny think keep your heart rate up, burning calories. not when are you chitchath chatting and walking the mall, but a good cardioworkout. >> and surgery is scary for people when we hear of that. is that sort of a last resort? >> i think so. i think for people that have a flare-up of back pain, that is going to get better 95% of the time time. if it is not getting better, we move on to physical therapy and injection. only people who have back pain that goes on and on we consider surgery. >> and that means really you dnt can't do much without feeling the pain, i guess? >> that's right. we don't want to jump into surgery.
9:43 am
fortunately there are other things we can do to get people feeling better. injections, therapy. if there is a problem on the m.r.i. and it is not getting better, we consider surgery for that. >> today, get out and get exercise and try to enjoy it. >> indeed. >> if you have anymore questions, call 1-800-md-mercy. >> a movie review with max when we come back. first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> regarding the scandal at penn
9:46 am
state coach paterno was fired. investigative reporter jayne miller is at penn state with the latest. there is a home game there tofment what does it look like there? >> this is a picture of what occurred wednesday night when there was a large crowd of people here to defend joe paterno.
9:47 am
now there is -- it is interesting to see this kind of crowd today. joe paterno for the first time in recent years will not be here coaching penn state football team. for many, many fans that's all they ever knew when they came to penn state. it is a little early. there are tickets sold. >> jayne, thank you. i'm sure we'll get updates from you later on today.
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>> it is gods vs. the titans in the new movie "the immortals." that one was not screened for critics, is that right? >> yes. it is not usually a good sign when it is not screened for critics. >> all i remember about this one is i saw the previews waiting for harry potter to come out. it looks like a lot of blod. max is here with some movies she actually has seen, including "j. edgar." >> this is clint eastwood's bog if i of j. -- biography of j. edgar hoover. did i cap row -- dicaprio is fabulous in it. he embodies this character from
9:49 am
the inside out. there is some aging make-up that is slightly problematic, but he's so good in the role, it is ok. some critics hate it, some love it. for me, i'm on the fence about it, actually. while i was watching it, i felt it was sort of slow going in a way. but when it was over, i found myself thinking about it more and more, and i kind of want to go back and see it again. it is rare for me to see a movie where i'm ambivalent and i want to go back and see it. there is a philosophy is that he was a gay man, that he was so deeply closetted that he didn't live the life. that he was repressed. that he had a long-time partner and they had this pla tonic love
9:50 am
affair. but one of the problems is his entire character is a repressed character. and i think watching a movie about a repressed character is not that interesting. they kick off the historical event, the lindbergh baby, and the little history channelish. it is infreeinging. -- it is intriguing. his aging make-up is horrible. we're seeing 2 1/2 stars. i think people should see it for themselves and decide. i want leo to get an oscar nomination for this. he's so good. >> he's so amazing anyway. >> ok. "jack & jill. " >> everybody i mentioned this film too, it looks terrible in the trailer. i saw this movie. there were six people in the
9:51 am
theater when the movie started, and four people in the theater when the movie ended. i like adam sand letter. i think he's made some really good movies. he's also responsible for some of the worst movies of all times. he did "grown-ups" i hated. "eight crazy nights" which is possibly the worst animated film i've ever seen. in this one he plays himself and his twin sister in drag. he's not even particularly good in drag, and not very funny. it is all this sort of vulgar bathroom humor that you would expect from adam sand letter, but -- >> but you want more. you just want it to be funny. >> this probably would not have worked as a five-minute skit on s.n.l. >> does it get any stars?
9:52 am
>> it gets one star and i'll tell you why. at the beginning and the end of the movie they have footage of actual twins talking about their relationships to each other. that part is interesting. the movie is a dud. >> looking ahead to the holidays. >> there's a movie out there now called "life crazy." i loved this movie. it is going to remind you so much of the first time you fell in love. it is about that sort of intimacy between a couple when they first fall in love. the problem is, she has to go back to england, so they try to do the long-distance love affair thing. it pulls your heart. poet tri. 3 1/2 stars for "like crazy." we'll talk more in the coming weeks. >> that movie got 3 1/2 stars. >> great. you can read all of max's
9:53 am
reviews at baltimoremagazine. net. thank you for joining us. >> i'm pete gilbert. coming up in sports, how to -- round one of the high school th
9:54 am
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>> the ravens made their way to seattle a day early, of course. you wouldn't want a six-hour flight, you would want time to recuperate from that. so they touched down with what they hope will be the first of
9:56 am
many touchdowns against the seahawks. >> we are getting up close and personal with pete. >> what was that all about? >> i don't know. i should have worn my purple today. >> the game is tomorrow afternoon. >> it looks like it might rain in seattle. >> imagine that, raining in seattle. >> typical weather for them. >> they are going to get wet. >> at least it won't be cloudy and gray. >> our forecast here is dry. we have the rainy stuff the other day. we had the windy stuff yesterday and it was rather chilly. today is going to be great. lots of sun. we started the morning in freezing. tomorrow a little better. low 60's. nice weather.
9:57 am
it is almost the perfect weekend. 37 to start the day on sunday. we have rain in there. temperatures expected to be in the mid 60's. a cold front will be approaching. monday late in the day through tuesday we have a rain chance. it won't be a wash-out or a huge storm. a chance for showers. even on tuesday we will manage in the 60's. once the front goes through, colder air comes back. we should be dry at the end of the week. >> it felt a little too winterish. >> thanks, john. >> that's all the time we have. thank you for joining us. >> we'll see you at 5:00 a.m.. captioned by the national captioning institute
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